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Core Materials:
CHC Lesson Plans for Seventh Grade
Stories of the Saints 3
My Catholic Speller F
Language of God F
Saxon Math 8/7 Kit
Life Science Student Text
Life Science Workbook
Faith & Life 7 Student
Faith & Life 7 Activity
Faith & Life 7 Answer Key
Growing in the Virtues of Jesus
Light to the Nations I Textbook
Light to the Nations I Manual
Lesson Plan & Core Materials:
Complete Seventh Grade Kit
Ever Ancient Ever New 2: Textbook
Ever Ancient Ever New 2: Art Pad
The Secret Code of Poetry Student Text
The Secret Code of Poetry Workbook
Sewing with Saint Anne
Map Skills G Student
Map Skills G Teacher
E-BOOK: Writing Workshop IV
Ticket to Shakespeare E-book
Catholic Garden of Puzzles
Parent Resource:
Catholic Report Card
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Seventh Grade

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CHC Lesson Plans: Seventh Grade
Reading Comprehension: Stories of the Saints, Volume 3
My Catholic Speller, Level F
Language of God, Level F
SAXON Math 8/7
$119.95 3-Piece Kit
$37.95 Tests & Worksheets Booklet (for 2nd student)
Life Science: Catholic Heritage Edition
$49.95 Student Text
$17.95 Workbook
Faith and Life, Grade 7: The Life of Grace
$8.25 Activity Book
$15.95 Student Text
$51.95 Teacher's Manual
$4.95 Printed Answer Key
Growing in the Virtues of Jesus: The Marianist Method of Virtue
Light to the Nations: Development of Christian Civilization (Part One)
$69.95 Textbook
$34.95 Teacher's Manual
$11.95 Printed Workbook
$4.95 Answer Key to Printed Workbook
Seventh Grade Core Kit
Ever Ancient Ever New: Art History, Appreciation, Theory, and Practice (Level 2)
$44.95 Textbook
$14.95 Art Pad
The Secret Code of Poetry and the Art of Understanding It
$26.95 Student Text
$14.95 Student Workbook
Sewing with Saint Anne: A Sewing Book for Catholic Girls
Map Skills G (7th Grade)
$13.25 Student Workbook
$6.50 Teacher's Guide
E-BOOK: Writing Workshop IV
E-BOOK: Ticket to Shakespeare Workshop
A Catholic Garden of Puzzles
Catholic Report Card
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