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Our family is looking at different homeschool providers and also at Catholic schools. We hesitate to buy the whole package for fear it won't work for us. How can I know for sure that CHC is a good fit for my children?

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Catholic Heritage Curricula came into being specifically to provide Catholic curricula, designed to teach simultaneously both academic skills and the Faith to little minds equally open to truth and falsehood. It is our ardent desire to assist families by providing quality, affordable, easy-to-use Catholic materials that teach the truth.

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“I am very grateful for CHC, I have ordered from you in the past, and I have one request: Please do not let me leave for another homeschool provider/school ever again. Hold my hand tightly, and don't let me wander off again. Our family thrives while using your materials. We grow together, there is peace in the home. Then the devil steps in and confuses me....."Maybe the children aren't doing enough," "Maybe they need more work," "Maybe they are behind their friends who go to schools," "Maybe I should push them to be ahead of their peers so we don't look like ignorant homeschoolers," etc. I'm sure you've heard this before from other parents. Well, we tried all the rigorous programs [various Catholic and Protestant programs], and while they are academically challenging to my children, they also disrupted the peace in our home. One child cries daily. He does his work obediently, but his young love of learning is being snuffed out. Three of the older children get up as early as they can to get as much of their school work out of the way without really learning anything. It's just an awful drudgery that must be accomplished everyday by checking the "Completed" box next to assignments. Our eldest homeschooling son actually begged us to let him quit school and try for the GED because the high school program just was not a good fit for him!

Well, it's been a long semester for us since we began this past September. This Christmas break has brought me the gift of perspective. My children are lively again because they don't have that dreaded weight on their backs. I've seen them brighten up in only two weeks. So, with prayers to Our Dear Mother to let me know what to do, She led me back to CHC. Many prayers were answered very quickly, too! So, I browsed the site, felt like I was back home again, and placed an order today for over $700 of your beautiful materials...(which you've already shipped out - ya'll are amazing!) I wish you could have shared with me in watching the children as I told them to go to the school area and pack away all their materials because we're going back to CHC. The relief and delight was so precious! Everyone was so happy. The peace is coming back into my home already. We are so excited to receive our order. Even though we are basically starting the year over, the children said,'Who cares? I'd rather do CHC over than ever do anything else' So, thank you. I am filled with gratitude for all you do for this program. It fits us so well. I will remember all of you, your families, and CHC's continued growth and success in my Masses and Rosaries. You are a blessing to us. Please, again, somehow, don't let me question everything and wander off again. I hope I've learned my lesson for good. Please, pray for me, also. God bless you all!”

- Michelle, Georgia
“Your curriculum is so lovely. The simplicity of it is its beauty. There are days that I need a little pick-me-up and I am surprised by the inspiration that appears at just the right moment from my children's books. Thank you for your love and devotion that touches our lives.”
- Karen, Illinois
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