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$8.95 Art Pac 3 AP3 Quantity:
Art with a Purpose: Art Pac 3
Myron and Rachel Weaver

The uplifting Christian content, affordable price, and well-planned lessons make Art with a Purpose an all-time favorite art course.

Artpac 3 (Grade 3) includes instruction in the following art skills:
• Coloring within lines, smooth complete coverage
• Coloring without voids, and directional lines
• Shading a picture to bring out depth and shapes
• How and where to use light or vivid coloring
• How to feather crayon with an eraser
• Introduction to working with grids
• Cutting on the line with a scissors and/or sharp knife
• How to glue without getting everything messy
• Three dimensional artwork
• Making greeting cards
• Quick sketches matched with poetry
• Facial features and where to put them
• Using fabric in artwork
• Sponge painting and stencils
• Watercolor
• Tracing and adding detail to an outline
• Lateral symmetry
• Using a ruler for straight lines
• Drawing and sketching with circles
• Simple facial features

37 lessons. 40 pgs. 8½"x11" padded tablet.


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