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$8.95 Art Pac 8 AP8 Quantity:
Art with a Purpose: Art Pac 8
Myron and Rachel Weaver

The uplifting Christian content, affordable price, and 36 well-planned lessons make these Artpacs the all-time favorite art course for grades 1st-8th. The program begins with simple coloring skills, cutting and pasting, elementary perspective drawing, and advances to grid drawing pictures, painting, and illustrating little story books; from freehand drawing, and three-dimensional shading to calligraphy and advanced shading techniques and perspective drawing; from crayons to soft lead color pencils and finally to pen and ink.

Artpac 8 (Grade 8) is focused entirely on pen and ink techniques, and includes instruction in the following art skills:
• Silhouettes
• Using short lines to create a fuzzy effect
• Creating woodgrain with wavy lines
• Shading by varying both the density and frequency of the lines
• Crosshatching
• Stippling

27 lessons. 29 pgs. 8½"x11" padded tablet.


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