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The Father Brown Reader
Edited by Nancy Brown

Stories from Chesterton

Four classic short stories by G.K. Chesterton, adapted for young readers by Nancy Brown. Third – sixth graders can now enjoy these well-loved mysteries: "The Blue Cross," "The Strange Feet," "The Flying Stars," and "The Absence of Mr. Glass." Illustrated. 141 pgs. Softcover.

Guide your child in "detecting" the full meaning of these stories with the Father Brown Reader Study Guide.

Recommended core text in CHC Lesson Plans for Fourth Grade. Tour this title within the Fourth Grade Interactive Guide!


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“Oh, my goodness, is my 4th grader loving the Father Brown Reader! She's heard her father and me and her big brothers referencing Chesterton for years and now she gets to read the great GK herself! What a wonderful introduction to good Catholic literature. And the study guide is perfect! Thanks so much for providing this and all your wonderful curriculum products for us. We've been happy customers for many years and always look forward to new fun things from you guys. This is wonderful! Thanks!”
- Lisa, Colorado
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